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The 2023 Pan American Games: A New Benchmark in Sports Excellence and Media Innovation

Redefining Global Sports Broadcasting with REMI Production, Media Technology, and

• Key Highlights:
• Unprecedented Broadcasting Reach: The Pan American Games expanded global access to sports, with the Panam Sports Channel broadcasting over 1,900 hours of live action to a
worldwide audience, a first for the games.
• Revolution in Production Efficiency with REMI: Vivaro’s implementation of Remote Production (REMI) reduced broadcast costs by 41% from previous years, while increasing live coverage, and reducing carbon footprint with remote operations and staff; setting a new standard in sports event broadcasting.
• Scalable and Quality Broadcasting: Vivaro’s POP management, its global network, and its use of Appear’s X for live encoding echoed its focus on efficiency without compromising broadcast quality.

Montreal, Canada – November 29, 2023.

– The 2023 Pan American Games, held in Santiago, Chile from
October 20 to November 5, celebrated athletic excellence and also marked a significant evolution in sports broadcasting. The event showcased innovative approaches in media technology and sustainability in production, led by the global media group Vivaro. With comprehensive services ranging from transmission and production to digital OTT, security, and e-sports, Vivaro, headquartered in Mexico,
played a pivotal role in redefining standards for international sporting events, setting a precedent for future event broadcasting and production.

Revolutionizing Live Broadcast: As a Co-Host Broadcaster, Vivaro’s approach to live production resulted in the live broadcast of nearly the entire event, a first in the history of the Pan American Games. «The Pan American Games provided a unique platform to demonstrate Vivaro’s capabilities in transforming sports broadcasting,» remarked Gustavo Mario De la Garza Flores, CEO of Vivaro Group. The organizer’s Panam Sports Channel further amplified this reach by broadcasting the games live and free, offering nine live signals to global audiences. This approach offered a wider reach and brought fans closer to the sports, able to witness over 6,900 athletes from 41 countries competing in 31 disciplines contributing to Olympic qualification for Paris 2024.

Cost Efficient & Innovative Production: Vivaro Video’s use of Remote Production (REMI) was a game- changer, reducing the ‘host broadcaster’ expense by 41% compared to the 2019 games. «Our commitment to REMI technology not only enhanced broadcast quality but also marked a significant step in cost-efficient production,» said Rodrigo Peralta, CEO of Vivaro’s subsidiary in Chile. This was coupled with an increase of over 700 live hours compared to the previous games, for a total of 1,900 live hours.
The team, comprising over 500 local technical professionals and remote production staff across Spain, Portugal, and Argentina, ensured a high-quality broadcast.

Enhancing Broadcast Quality: Vivaro’s contribution extended beyond production and broadcasting. It also managed the International Point of Presence (POP), utilizing a robust fiber optic network for seamless connectivity and signal transport. The operations, based in the Games’ International Broadcast Centre (IBC), were crucial in maintaining the broadcast’s integrity and reach. «By deploying Appear’s X Platform, we minimized energy consumption and optimized shipping costs without compromising on quality,» explained Carlos Jurado, Senior Director at Vivaro’s division in Canada. This setup, facilitating remote production and distribution workflows, integrated industry standards with an array of processing and network functions.
The 2023 Pan American Games represented a milestone in content transmission and production. The collaborative efforts of Panam Sports Channel, Mediapro, and Vivaro showcased how media solutions can evolve to be more cost-efficient, environmentally sustainable, and accessible. This event has undoubtedly set a new standard for future international sporting events.
– 30 –
About Vivaro: «Vivaro» is the consolidation of more than five decades of efforts ranging from technological innovation to telecommunications services. The group comprises: Vivaro Telecom, a telecommunications division offering high-capacity transport, IT services, and cybersecurity; Vivaro Media & Video, which provides audiovisual production solutions, content distribution, and transmission services for live events, sports, news, and television programs; Vivaro Digital, offering innovative solutions for digital transformation, document and process management, internet-based audiovisual
content distribution, and corporate digital communication; Vivaro Gaming, dedicated to organizing, producing, and broadcasting esports events, and operating the largest esports league in Latin America; Vivaro Properties, managing the group’s real estate portfolio; and Vivaro Comunidad, focusing on supporting its people, community, and those in need, contributing significantly to youth through education, culture, and art.
From an idea in 1965 to use radio frequency to send messages, Vivaro continues as a family-owned business driven by, CEO, Gustavo de la Garza Ortega’s passion about communication and connection. Together, Vivaro’s divisions emulate this vision, creating extraordinary experiences with transformative technology and unparalleled end to end solutions. With headquarters in Mexico, Vivaro has division offices in Canada, Chile, the United States, and employees and customers all around the world.
For media inquiries, please contact:
Janine Scott
Vivaro, Canadian Division
Phone: 514-461-4136

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