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At Vívaro, sustainability starts with people.

At Vívaro we are committed to building a sustainable environment, the integral well-being of our collaborators, as well as the ethical and responsible management of resources.

As an organization and consistent with our business strategy, we have undertaken the construction of our initiatives on environmental, social and governance issues, with a view to contributing to the achievement of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We always try to go beyond our responsibilities, meeting the requirements of our stakeholders and anticipating their needs.

Our people

At Vívaro, the well-being of our collaborators is a priority. To encourage and promote the integral growth of people, we have the Vivaro Family Program, which includes 8 pillars of personal growth:

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Take care of yourself

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Cultivate yourself

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Capitalize yourself

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Get involved

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Become aware

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Develop yourself



Get motivated

Ethics and values

Ethics and values ​​have been part of the DNA of our company since its foundation.

We are convinced that we are currently living in times in which prestige and credibility are qualities that make companies stand out in their markets. With this in mind we have built a company that is distinguished by its principles, highlighting transparency, towards our clients, competitors, authorities and the sustainable development of telecommunications within the countries where we have a presence.


Committed to caring for the environment, we promote among our stakeholders the participation in resource optimization programs, waste reduction and good environmental practices.

In order to reduce our environmental impact, we carry out internal programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our daily operations, we participate in carbon-compensation programs and develop awareness campaigns with our collaborators to promote care for the environment in daily activities, at work and at home.


At Vívaro we believe that there cannot be sustainable companies in unsustainable communities, which is why we try to be a good neighbor to the communities where we operate, ensuring their well-being, growth and harmonious development.

Convinced that education is an essential factor to promote social mobility, we support the training of young people in upper secondary and higher education, so that they have access to better personal, professional and work opportunities.

We believe that our duty is to take advantage of the capabilities of connectivity and digitization, not only to add value to our clients, but also to help face great challenges such as climate change, inequality, employability or misinformation.


We work for…

Construir un futuro más verde Ayudar a la sociedad a prosperar Liderar con el ejemplo Así conseguiremos cumplir nuestro propósito